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Mechanic doing ECM tuning of truck at K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs

Your engine is controlled by an electronic management system (ECM).  ECM tuning is the process of modifying that software in order to improve response, increase power,  and lower fuel consumption. At the simplest level, custom ECM tuning involves pulling the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) files and optimizing them in some form. 

The difference between having a custom ECM tuning and running with the stock tune for your truck is truly night and day. Not only will your truck perform better, but the long-term cost-saving advantages will become noticeable and start to add up within the first year.  And perhaps the best part of all, it increases the overall lifespan of an engine.

It’s important to select a certified and trained heavy-duty diesel repair technician to perform your custom ECM tuning in order to ensure that there are no negative effects on exhaust emissions. 

At K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs in Manassas, VA we work with you to understand your wants and the usage of your truck and then customize the tuning of your engine for those needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific parameter – better engine performance or fuel mileage, for example – or an overall increase in your engine’s capabilities, we’ve got the team, the tools, and the know-how to complete optimal tuning.

With many years in the ECM tuning business, you can count on our expertise to safely upgrade your truck engine’s performance while staying within the optimum operating range of your engine to ensure a long reliable lifespan for your truck.

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