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Mechanic performing Preventive Maintenance service at K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs

Diesel trucks are built for power and heavy use, so long as they are properly serviced and maintained. Preventative maintenance ensures that a vehicle runs efficiently, safely, and for as long as possible. 

Putting off regularly scheduled maintenance leads to bigger problems, more damage, and costly repairs. In fact, adhering to a preventative maintenance plan is proven to lessen the mean time between failures (MTBF) of diesel trucks and their vital parts. K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs helps you keep to your scheduled maintenance by offering mobile service within a 25-mile radius of Manassas, VA. 

The following services are important parts of every diesel truck’s preventative maintenance program: 

  • Changing engine oil and oil filter
  • Checking and replacing transmission fluid
  • Filling and replacing the coolant and coolant filter
  • Changing brake fluid and brake maintenance
  • Inspecting the air intake filter and replacing it when needed
  • Power steering fluid and filter change
  • Emissions system maintenance, including EGR and DEF
  • Wheel alignment, tire rotation, tire replacement
  • Electrical system verification, operating lights, and battery load test
  • Inspection of gearbox and clutch
  • Belt (drive belt, serpentine belt), hose, and joint maintenance

Some of these services can be taken care of during a truck’s annual inspection, though several important preventative maintenance measures (like oil changes) need to be done more often.

To develop a preventative maintenance program for a vehicle, take note of recommendations in the manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer and consult a mechanic. Recommended maintenance schedules ultimately depend on factors related to a diesel truck’s usage (mileage, load weight, driving conditions, frequency of stops, ect.).

While manufacturer guidelines and standard interval maintenance recommendations are handy, every vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule will look different depending on a number of factors unique to the truck. The age of the truck, duty cycle, typical driving environment, and other usage factors will move the needle in certain maintenance areas. 

Service experts take note of areas of wear and tear and anticipate what areas may need more maintenance on a truck than usual. Additionally, operators should keep track of the data and records they receive from regular service and inspections so as to better be able to track maintenance needs.

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