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Mechanics at work at K&L Auto And Diesel Repairs
K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs is a Veteran owned, mobile service for diesel trucks, fleets and heavy equipment. Our founders recognized an emerging need for mobile diesel repair service in Manassas, VA and packed up their tools with the goal of creating a dependable, trustworthy mobile business.

As a Veteran owned business, we are service focused, and take pride in being honest and make the extra effort to communicate with our customers throughout the entire maintenance and repair process. Our integrity in our workmanship shows in our long-lasting client relationships. At K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs we are committed to ensuring that all parts and workmanship exceed industry standards.

Our mobile units at K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs are well-equipped to be able to handle just about diesel engine service or repair. Our team have been dedicated to the diesel repair field for quite a long time and understand every inch of detail there is to diesel engines. On top of that, K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs uses only the latest equipment for operating on diesel engines. We have the right mindset, tools and sophisticated technology to operate on all kinds of diesel trucks and heavy machinery.

K&L Mobile Repair Services

Dependable and trustworthy mobile service for your diesel trucks, fleets and heavy equipment in Manassas, VA.

General Truck Repair

At K&L Auto and Diesel Repair, we understand how important it is that your vehicle is in top-performing condition. You can rely on the certified mechanics at K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs To have the ability to fix just about anything on your diesel truck.
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Heavy Equipment Repair

Our quick and reliable mobile heavy equipment repair addresses problems caused by accidents, contamination, deterioration, poor maintenance, age, and normal usage. At K&L Auto and Diesel Repair, we’ve seen it all and because of that, we can repair it all.
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Mobile Service

One of the key differences of K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs is that we are a mobile-only service shop. Our service area is within a 25-mile radius around Manassas, VA. and offers after-hour service by appointment. We have chosen to focus on mobile repair because we understand that taking your vehicle off the road or moving off-location means more downtime. So we come to you.
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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures that a vehicle runs efficiently, safely, and for as long as possible. Putting off regularly scheduled maintenance leads to bigger problems, more damage, and costly repairs.
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Truck Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment on a diesel truck is an important part of having a smooth driving experience, safe control of the vehicle, efficient operation, and avoiding increased wear and potential damage to the suspension.
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It’s important to select a certified and trained heavy-duty diesel repair technician to perform your custom ECM tuning in order to ensure that there are no negative effects on exhaust emissions. At K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs in Manassas, VA we work with you to understand your wants and the usage of your truck and then customize the tuning of your engine for those needs.
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How can we help?

K&L Auto and Diesel Repairs is a mobile-only service shop operating Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm. Our service area is within a 25-mile radius around Manassas, VA. We also offer after-hour and weekend service by appointment.
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat-Sun: Appointment only
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